[Slackbuilds-users] rogue(like) & Lord of The Rings games SlackBuilds updates: angband, larn, rogue, stone_soup, tome-ah

David Chmelik dchmelik at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 11:10:29 UTC 2022

I updated five rogue(like) <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roguelike> 
(fantasy roleplaying-like) games SlackBuilds: angband, larn, rogue, 
stone_soup, tome-ah, downloadable at 
<http://ftp.davidchmelik.com/math/slackbuilds/games/> (source code 
elsewhere, linked in each SlackBuild.info... I'm pretty sure I updated 
all URLs & md5sums but occasionally forgot in past.)
     One is classic Rogue itself, after fixing ISRUN bug it always had 
(after you slept, actually made monsters have bonuses to hit you entire 
game, so rogue was always more difficult than intended.)
     One is Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup which I might give up: I prefer 
classic versions (w/plain elves, etc.) or alternative compilation 
options on stable version (I might add later.)
     Another is main Troubles/Tales of Middle-earth 2 fork (normally 
named tome2 but newer & unrelated tome4, now tome, SlackBuild maintained 
by Dimitris, redid version numbering, approaching 2) renamed tome-ah.  
In case you don't know, Moria (based on JRR Tolkien's /The Hobbit/ & 
/Lord of The Rings/, LoTR) was forked to become Angband (adding colour, 
more monsters/bosses) was forked to become ZAngband (adding 
wilderness/towns map) was forked to become PernAngband (added 
dragonriding) which after copyright issue (but still available on 
Swedish/SUNET FTP servers) was renamed Troubles/Tales of Middle-earth 
and replaced random wilderness/towns with map of Tolkien's Middle-earth, 
and is one of the most amazing roguelikes ever created.  I'd compare it 
to the great old Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (D&D which AD&D was 
backwards-compatible, and AD&D second edition was also, after which 
TSR/WoTC started removing things and D&D wasn't as good, sort of like 
chess variants might be novelties but not standard.)  There is also 
TomeNet, based on multiplayer angband (MAngband, but you can download a 
TomeNet client from tomenet.eu <http://tomenet.eu/>... there also was 
PernMAngband and there are dozens Angband variants and several Mangband 
     InterHack (ihack) was multiplayer NetHack (I still seek 
subsequent/final version source code) that actually sometimes worked on 
Slackware up to 12.n or 13.n.
     I don't use git much (only 'git clone') but the SlackBuilds.org 
maintainers are free to add these into SBo-git (as of few hours ago 
tested on Slackwware64 15, Slackware64 15.1+current, but not x86-32) or 
tell me how (I won't on GitHub but maybe GitLab or of course 
     I said 'roleplaying-like' because roleplaying game (RP, RPG) 
inventor Gary Gygax describes in his books /Role-playing Mastery/, 
/Master of The Game/ that computer games (at least single-player) are 
role assumption (RA,) not RP (which requires players, theatre-based 
     Below are dates for SlackBuilds on my server (so you know if you 
want to upgrade.)

2022-03-13 angband.tar.gz
2017-10-07 ihack.tar.gz
2022-03-13 larn.tar.gz
2020-07-17 mangband.tar.gz
2021-03-21 moria.tar.gz
2022-03-13 rogue.tar.gz
2022-03-13 stone_soup.tar.gz
2022-03-13 tome-ah.tar.gz
2020-11-18 tome-sx.tar.gz

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