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Sat Feb 4 09:17:51 UTC 2023

Hi Didier,

To elaborate:
New packages uploaded to SlackBuilds.org currently must follow the following scheme:
python2-*: Packages built only in Python 2
python3-*: Packages built only in Python 3
python-* or *: Packages built both in Python 2 and Python 3

Examples (I am maintaining both SlackBuilds listed below):
python-evdev builds in both Python 2 and 3.
iniconfig also builds in both Python 2 and 3.

Past packages uploaded to SlackBuilds.org do not necessarily follow this scheme.
For instance, traitlets (uploaded by Benjamin Trigona-Harany) initially only had Python 2 support. He then added Python 3 support to traitlets and later on dropped Python 2 support (for the latter, see the git commit labeled "Updated for 5.0.5"). Therefore, traitlets now only builds in Python 3:

I think it will take far too much time for the admins to rename all the SlackBuilds just to comply with the naming scheme I mentioned above. That's why SlackBuilds names seem somewhat inconsistent, with python-* SlackBuilds supporting only Python 3.

I have had my new SlackBuild uploads rejected because I uploaded Python3-only builds with the name python-* (for example, python-tomlkit, built only in Python 3, was initially rejected until I renamed the SlackBuild to python3-tomlkit). That's how I know.

- Isaac

On Friday, February 03, 2023 23:56 PST, Didier Spaier <didier at slint.fr> wrote:

Le 04/02/2023 à 04:47, isaacyu1 at isaacyu1.com a écrit :
> My intention is to rename the qtile dependencies.
> python-dbus-next -> python3-dbus-next
> python-xkbcommon -> python3-xkbcommon
> pywayland -> python3-pywayland
> pywlroots -> python3-pywlroots
> Current SlackBuilds rules indicate that Python2 only packages must be named
> python2-*, and Python3 only packages must be named python3-*.
> My previous package names were inconsistent.
> For example, the name python-dbus-next may mistakenly give the impression of
> supporting both Python 2 and Python 3, when the SlackBuild only builds in Python 3.

Yes, but...

This is not the naming scheme used in Slackware 15.0, as it does not use the
suffix 3, so all python-* packages in it are built against python3. When will it
be time for a change? As an aside, as I have used the Slackware 15.0 naming
scheme in Slint 15, to avoid re-installing packages shipped in it but also
provided by SBo under another name when users run slapt-src (similar to sbopkg)
I use this file:
called by this script:
Ugly, yes, but it works.

Sorry for the digression, but still my question "when?"


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