[Slackbuilds-users] Giving up my Slackbuilds and Slackware

William PC w_calandrini at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 2 06:08:31 UTC 2023

Hi Felix,

I would like to take them all.

Indeed Slackware teaches really Unix like operating system. I never have used any BSD variants but good luck at your transitions.

William PC
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Hi all,

Happy New Year!

I am sorry to leave the Slackware Community. It was a
really good time.

I am giving up all my Slackbuilds:


I did a bad job since the last couple years anyway.
So thank you a lot especially Willy for house keeping
my stuff! :)

If anyone wonders:
When I first installed 9.0 back in 2003 I chose Slackware
because it was the Linux that was and still is very much
like BSD. I have learned a ton about Unix operating
systems during my Slackware journey. I think after 20
years I need some fresh learning experiences and am
gradually transitioning to NetBSD which I always
wanted to use but never dared. Now I do.

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