[Slackbuilds-users] GraphicsMagick about to update

B. Watson urchlay at slackware.uk
Thu Jan 5 07:34:52 UTC 2023

I've just pushed an update to GraphicsMagick 1.3.39 to my git branch.

The builds that depend on GraphicsMagick directly are findimagedupes
(which is mine), inkscape, pdf2djvu, and photoqt. I made sure all of
these would build with the new GraphicsMagick, and did some minimal
functional testing:

- Started up inkscape and loaded a random SVG file (it looked fine).
- Converted a small PDF file to DjVu with pdf2djvu (worked great).
- Viewed a few images with photoqt (no problems).

Probably the new GraphicsMagick won't cause any problems, but it would
be worth it for the maintainers of inkscape, pdf2djvu, photoqt to do
some more extensive testing (I don't even know how to use inkscape to
draw anything, it's utterly foreign to me).

Also, probably no issues with these, but worth a look:
adapta-gtk-theme, arc-theme, and textext all depend on inkscape.

If you want to test your build against the new GraphicsMagick, you
can get the source from:


...and run something like: VERSION=1.3.19 sh GraphicsMagick.SlackBuild

...or you could clone the SBo repo and check out the 'urchlay' branch.

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