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Matteo Bernardini matteo.bernardini at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 06:17:46 UTC 2023

Judah, which repository are you using with sbotools?
from the message it seems that you are using a repository for slackware
current, but if you haven't nodejs already installed you most probably are
on slackware 15.0, right?
if this is the case you should be ok switching in sbotools to the stock
slackbuilds.org repository, that is made for the latest stable Slackware,
15.0 ATM.


Il giorno gio 19 gen 2023 alle ore 07:13 J. Milgram <milgram at cgpp.com> ha

> Trying to build rstudio-desktop. Requires yarn which in turn requires
> nodejs.
> Searching at slackbuilds.org turns up a slackbuild for same (nodejs
> 19.4.0). Good.
> But sbocheck (and sbosnap) don't seem to be downloading nodejs with the
> rest of the repository, so when I try to build rstudio-desktop with
> sboinstall, I get "Unable to locate nodejs in the SlackBuilds.org tree."
> Haven't run into this before.  What am I doing wrong? I've got sbotools
> 2.7.
> thanks!
> Judah
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