[Slackbuilds-users] Explanation regarding reverting python3-mistune to build python-m2r

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Fri Jan 27 07:39:40 UTC 2023

Hi Duncan,

I suggest simply removing python 3 support from python-m2r instead.
In that case, we do not need to update python2-mistune.

If we really need python 3 support for python-m2r, I would suggest splitting python-m2r into 2 packages:
python2-m2r (v0.2.1), which depends on python2-mistune (v0.8.4)
python3-m2r (v0.3.1), which depends on python3-mistune1 (v0.8.4)
As I mentioned, python3-mistune1 is meant to be an older version of python3-mistune (at v2.0.4).

​​​​​After all, it was Yth's original intention to split mistune into python2-mistune and python3-mistune.

- Isaac

On Wednesday, January 25, 2023 01:28 PST, Duncan Roe <duncan_roe at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
 Hi Isaac,

On Wed, Jan 25, 2023 at 02:56:43AM +0100, isaacyu1 at isaacyu1.com wrote:
> Hi Duncan,
> Regarding python3-mistune at 2.0.4 (which caused python-m2r to fail to build):
> A few months ago, I uploaded python3-mistune at 2.0.4.
> The reason was because I wanted to update jupyter-nbconvert to versions >= 7.0.0 (which required mistune >= 2.0.3).
> Previously, there was only 1 package named 'mistune' at SlackBuilds.org.
> Yth was the maintainer of mistune.
> ????????????I initially requested taking over mistune and updating it to 2.0.4 (and for me to upload mistune1, a legacy package for python-m2r).
> However, Yth requested me to upload a python3-mistune package at 2.0.4.
> Yth also renamed mistune to python2-mistune (and kept it at 0.8.4).
> In other words, Yth suggested splitting the existing mistune package into Python 2 and 3 versions, rather than updating mistune and uploading mistune1.
> Therefore, since python3-mistune is at 2.0.4, python-m2r does not build in python 3.
> As you have shown, python-m2r requires python3-mistune at 0.8.4 instead.
> ????????????
> Would you like me to upload a python3-mistune1 SlackBuild, at 0.8.4?
> There is only a python2-mistune at 0.8.4, maintained by Yth.
> That being said, if I upload python3-mistune1, it will conflict with my existing python3-mistune.
> Therefore, I have to indicate that both python3-mistune1 and python3-mistune cannot be installed in the same system at the same time.
> - Isaac

After some tests, I suggest to
- Upgrade python-m2r to 0.3.1
- Recombine python2-mistune and python3-mistune to python-mistune-2.0.4


I built python2-mistune 2.0.4 after eliminating error copying CHANGES.rst.

I built python-m2r-0.3.1. The python3 build gets the same error as in my
original post: fixed by not doing a python3 build. /usr/bin/m2r is a python2
program but I think that's OK: reverse dependency search finds 0 dependees for

https://pypi.org/project/m2r/ Project description says "NO MORE UPDATES". Make
of that what you will.

Cheers ... Duncan.

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