[Slackbuilds-users] Explanation regarding reverting python3-mistune to build python-m2r

Arnaud arnaud.garcia-fernandez at laposte.net
Fri Jan 27 09:38:36 UTC 2023

> Hi Duncan,
> I suggest simply removing python 3 support from python-m2r instead.
> In that case, we do not need to update python2-mistune.
> If we really need python 3 support for python-m2r, I would suggest splitting
> python-m2r into 2 packages: python2-m2r (v0.2.1), which depends on
> python2-mistune (v0.8.4) python3-m2r (v0.3.1), which depends on
> python3-mistune1 (v0.8.4) ​​
> As I mentioned, python3-mistune1 is meant to be an older version of
> python3-mistune (at v2.0.4).
> ​​​​​After all, it was Yth's original intention to split mistune into
> python2-mistune and python3-mistune.
> - Isaac

I think it's the best thing to do.
m2r is only used by Automat, and has been removed as requirement, because it's
optional, and only used for generating better documentations.

It is very possible that Automat uses the /usr/bin/m2r command, and not any
Python import, so having the python2 version of m2r wouldn't prevent
python3-automat for using it.

Since m2r looks very unmaintained, and should still work while being python2
only, it looks safe to remove the python3 support for it.

As for mistune, the python2 version, stuck at 0.8.4, is only used by python-m2r,
so all this stays pretty legacy, and we have nice updated stuff on python3.

My advice is that we don't need a python3-m2r or a python3-mistune1.


	- Yth.

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