[Slackbuilds-users] office/when has vanished

B. Watson urchlay at slackware.uk
Sat Jan 28 05:03:51 UTC 2023

It looks like upstream's removed the github repo for this...

The homepage has a source tarball, but the SlackBuild is going
to need changes to build it from that. Plus, the filename has no
version number in it, meaning it's going to get replaced when upstream
releases the next version (breaking our build). They don't seem to
keep old versions on that site.

I couldn't find a copy of the github-generated source tarball
anywhere. Apparently it was only available for a few days.
web.archive.org has 1.1.44, but not 1.1.45.

I did find a copy of the 1.1.45 source here:


The md5sum doesn't match, possibly just because it's a .xz file
instead of .gz. Also, the SlackBuild would need changes to use this

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