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Sun Jan 29 12:16:14 UTC 2023


found via: https://github.com/bcrowell/
 > Because of Microsoft's harmful activities in AI, I am moving my 
software from github to https://bitbucket.org/ben-crowell/ .

On 28.01.23 06:03, B. Watson wrote:
> It looks like upstream's removed the github repo for this...
> The homepage has a source tarball, but the SlackBuild is going
> to need changes to build it from that. Plus, the filename has no
> version number in it, meaning it's going to get replaced when upstream
> releases the next version (breaking our build). They don't seem to
> keep old versions on that site.
> I couldn't find a copy of the github-generated source tarball
> anywhere. Apparently it was only available for a few days.
> web.archive.org has 1.1.44, but not 1.1.45.
> I did find a copy of the 1.1.45 source here:
> http://deb.debian.org/debian/pool/main/w/when/when_1.1.45.orig.tar.xz
> The md5sum doesn't match, possibly just because it's a .xz file
> instead of .gz. Also, the SlackBuild would need changes to use this
> filename.
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