[Slackbuilds-users] so-called terminal image viewers

dchmelik at gmail.com dchmelik at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 10:21:12 UTC 2023

I recall there's the graphics category has some X stuff, so that's 
probably okay... just the one-line & longer/README descriptions should 
say /X/ terminal image viewer, or whatever desktop type they're for... 
not misleading people looking for pure (/dev/tty*) command-line stuff 
then getting an error X isn't running or whatever!

On 6/22/23 3:02 AM, dchmelik at gmail.com wrote:
> Recent years there have been a few so-called 'terminal image viewers' 
> SlackBuilds uploaded but in these descriptions people are lying 
> through their teeth: when I tried these on pure (non-X) terminals 
> (/dev/tty*) they don't work at all.  They were made for X terminals 
> (xterms) or maybe even newer similar stuff many don't use yet like 
> Wayland.  I ask that the descriptions be updated and if they're in 
> system or graphics categories they be moved to desktop category.
>         What is the world coming to when people SlackBuilding believe 
> that 'terminal' automatically means 'xterm' for an OS that doesn't 
> even boot to X, just boots to the console terminal (/dev/tty1) non-X 
> default?!

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