[Slackbuilds-users] slackrepo fails to build youtube-dl due to URL encoding

Erich Ritz erich.public at protonmail.com
Fri Jun 23 15:22:07 UTC 2023

Hello Dimitris and Andrew and list,

I don't know if this message is more appropriate for the slackrepo maintainer or the youtube-dl maintainer.

When trying to build youtube-dl with slackrepo it fails with:

Building network/youtube-dl (update for version 2021.12.17+20230618_07af47960) 2023-06-23 14:25:18
Removing old source files ... 
Downloading source files ...
Verifying source files ... 
Running youtube-dl.SlackBuild ...                                   ETA 14:26:??
env MAKEFLAGS='-j176 -l89' nice -n 5 bash ./youtube-dl.SlackBuild
tar: /tmp/slackrepo/etr/slackrepo.MOV0A0/slackbuild_youtube-dl/youtube-dl-2021.12.17+20230618_07af47960.tar.xz: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
network/youtube-dl: youtube-dl.SlackBuild failed (status 2)             14:25:20
Unmounting chroot ... 
:-( network/youtube-dl FAILED )-:

slackrepo downloads the source file, but it is saved with a "%2B" instead of "+" in the filename.  This is due to curl not doing URL decoding.  Note these (partial) excerpts from curl's man page:

       -J, --remote-header-name
              There's no attempt to decode %-sequences (yet) in the provided file name,
              so this option may provide you with rather unexpected file names.
       -O, --remote-name
              There  is  no  URL decoding done on the file name. If it has %20 or other
              URL encoded parts of the name, they will end up as-is as file name.

But I can see why slackrepo chooses to use curl instead of wget for sourceforge (as pointed out by a comment in srcfunctions.sh of slackrepo):

$ wget --content-disposition https://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/dslackw/src/youtube-dl-2021.12.17%2B20230618_07af47960.tar.xz
2023-06-23 10:14:19 (1.09 MB/s) - ‘youtube-dl-2021.12.17+20230618_07af47960.tar.xz?viasf=1’ saved [1172376/1172376]

sourceforge "helpfully" tacks on "?viasf=1" to the filename.

What's the best way forward?  If I remember correctly SBo policy allows for (if not encourages) the use of the "--content-disposition" flag for wget and similarly the "-J" flag for curl.  However, these break the filename in this case.  Should slackrepo do its own URL decoding when using curl?  Should slackrepo use wget for sourceforge and rename the files (stripping off "?viasf=1")?  Should SBo discourage URL encoding in filenames?


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