[Slackbuilds-users] Fwd: [Fish-users] fish 3.6.1 released

Luna Jernberg droidbittin at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 16:50:04 UTC 2023

Alright, have to learn more about how Slackbuilds work but maybe i
will after that, not exactly sure how doinst.sh scripts and all works
yet, should think about it, or maybe someone else thats more
experienced and have time can take it over?

On 3/25/23, Alejandro Andreu <contact at alejandroandr.eu> wrote:
> Feel free to take over the Slackbuild, I'm no longer looking after it!
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> On Mar 25, 2023, 3:05 PM, Luna Jernberg wrote:
>> Hey! just fyi would be nice if you could update your Slackbuild of fish:
>> https://slackbuilds.org/repository/15.0/system/fish/ to the latest version
>> ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: David Adam via Fish-users
>> Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 19:08:28 +0800 (AWST) Subject: [Fish-users] fish
>> 3.6.1 released To: fish-users Mailing List  -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED
>> MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 Hi all, I am pleased to announce the release of
>> version 3.6.1 of fish. This release fixes some issues found in the 3.6.0
>> release, removes the Web-based configuration page for abbreviations which
>> was not functional, and introduces some enhancements. Other than the
>> removed feature listed, it should be completely backward-compatible with
>> fish 3.6.0. The tarball and packages for Linux, macOS and Windows will
>> soon be available from https://fishshell.com/ and the release notes will
>> be at https://fishshell.com/release_notes.html - but in the meantime I
>> have uploaded the release to the GitHub releases page at:
>> https://github.com/fish-shell/fish-shell/releases/tag/3.6.1 The Linux
>> packages will be submitted to the release:3 channel, and if you are using
>> your system package manager to install fish from these channels a new
>> version will make its way to you soon. If you'd like to use this method,
>> the links are: https://launchpad.net/~fish-shell/+archive/ubuntu/release-3
>> (Ubuntu)
>> https://software.opensuse.org//download.html?project=shells%3Afish%3Arelease%3A3&package=fish
>> (Debian, Fedora, openSUSE and Red Hat Enterprise Linux) A pull request for
>> Homebrew has been submitted, making the new version available soon via
>> upgrading or running `brew install fish`. For our distributors, the
>> tarball is available at
>> https://github.com/fish-shell/fish-shell/releases/download/3.6.1/fish-3.6.1.tar.xz
>> The SHA-256 sum is
>> 55402bb47ca6739d8aba25e41780905b5ce1bce0a5e0dd17dca908b5bc0b49b2 and the
>> tarball has a signature from my personal PGP key, as does this message.
>> It's my pleasure to welcome the new contributors who have commits in the
>> tree since 3.6.0: Agatha Lovelace, Austin Ziegler, Eddie Lebow, Jay, NaLan
>> ZeYu, Wout De Puysseleir, Xiretza, Lengyijun, Matt Wartell, mattmc3, and
>> Shenleban Tongying Thanks also go to our returning contributors: Aaron
>> Gyes, Branch Vincent, Delapouite, Dmitry Gerasimov, Fabian Boehm, Jannik
>> Vieten, Johannes Altmanninger, Kevin F. Konrad, Mahmoud Al-Qudsi, Maurizio
>> De Santis, NextAlone, Shun Sakai, bagohart, exploide, mhmdanas, and, as
>> always, the one and only ridiculousfish. I hope fish 3.6.1 provides the
>> omega-3 fatty acids you need. David Adam fish committer
>> zanchey at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
>> iQIzBAEBCgAdFiEEnh3gZzzMAykZ0YUmwLlpspdOiI4FAmQe1hgACgkQwLlpspdO
>> iI7ARQ//Z2g6UluMJI3OInBnLRsUvObfYkRkbMOuQ7u72oo7dYWMT56tJI8cDklN
>> xZJoay5AQdcfl87tK3xR+oZIjlXFR7pfJRlczlsHEQzw2dCQPC5gDVRyJn1yScP6
>> nEWwuEJpCKJxx86p5/TstOEeFZ4sISuyuBaEyjAwCbJbaH3gfp1MOFPk7FuGX+sK
>> 7Obn4Ebvz/oLwYHI5SlutPQGUzUfNvPdblL0GAxowZ0v7iDe18cvD9VdFQUZz1sl
>> 2nnQ9we6ZksfpSebhdr3Uhj5voCx2PpPd6vvyEoqX8etwpbEtVMxdwraSIkxsHMs
>> 4DnIuj2uVnNkq2XhSuWtW7LIu8xrjA6qkauk4UXYpcmMfyy5uL7C07cPnDiqk7s1
>> whnnrrQ5GE5MVoL/xV6wCXYn66iIat1xIZ8LmLIhuY0W4g/FqjIZd5lOtcBwzlFQ
>> 3awy1B5xJ13oMXmiqiDEA0uh6oeAfs10flYBDXkCUZWbnn2kfN9/NzjPsXJFJNmy
>> TRJ11HptmDRlZvI4wPMfa9Qer1rMv0Xo2SwDhuR734jZj1FbiJ95t7vdtsw5gPRz
>> J4doJwJTdoObu9k+kvciaexh5Kp+BBVGLQ7ftpVjiD4i36LVc47fCvez0c7AVtME
>> TwbvfK7otIda/T8zTFhb0fK+lYQCfPWIY5Qd1WhU/UctdZM3VuI= =S3oi -----END PGP
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