[Slackbuilds-users] [RFC] Adding features to .info format.

Arnaud arnaud.garcia-fernandez at laposte.net
Tue Nov 28 14:59:40 UTC 2023

>> My first thought was DOWNLOAD_X86 is not needed because the same end result can be
>> achieved with DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD_X86_64, and DOWNLOAD_AARCH64. But now I think I
>> agree with you because it has a different meaning: DOWNLOAD is a (mostly)
>> arch-independent download, where 1 or more of DOWNLOAD_* may be needed to override
>> it. However, the absence of DOWNLOAD and the use of DOWNLOAD_* communicates that
>> there are no arch-agnostic downloads; every download tarball is arch-specific.
>Sorry, _almost_ like this, but not quite. To maintain current behaviour,
>the absence of arch-agnostic downloads is indicated by

That line currently means that the package does not build on ix86.
The DOWNLOAD_X86 line would effectively break backward compatibility.
But adding optional DOWNLOAD_{ARCH} for ARCH in ARM and AARCH64, and maybe later RISCV who knows, alongside the existing X86_64, looks like a fully backward-compatible evolution.
And not very hard to use in existing tools, and easy to understand for maintainers, and users also.

So I am fully in favor of that evolution : allowing DOWNLOAD_{ARCH} for other values, with the corresponding MD5SUM_{ARCH}. I already use it at home for syncthing on arm and aarch64.
As for names, I'm unsure, but yeah, there are some problems with downloaded files, depending on tool, content-disposition, source also, etc.
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