[Slackbuilds-users] [RFC] Adding features to .info format.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Tue Nov 28 15:03:12 UTC 2023

> There have been repeated discussions about two features that the current
> .info file format is missing:
> 1. aarch64 architecture. If in the past slarm64 was still an unofficial
>     port, with -current it is official, and quite widely available, given
>     the number of RPi machines available.
> 2. urls of the form https://example.test/address/ and
>     https://example.test/address/1.json , which are either not supported
>     by wget or can be mixed with each other, if downloaded into the same
>     directory, which is especially bad with Golang and Haskell builds,
>     which have many package-components, called 1.json.
> To address this issue, I propose a backward-compatible change to .info
> files format.
> 1. add DOWNLOAD_AARCH64 and DOWNLOAD_X86, a space-separated
>     bash-string-list, identical in function to DOWNLOAD and
>     DOWNLOAD_X86_64
>     DOWNLOAD_X86_NAME, space-separated _optional_ strings, which, if
>     present, specify what the results of download should be named. If
>     they are absent, current logic is not changed.

This is my personal opinion and does not reflect other admins:

My take on aarch64 is NO official support in SBo, but we can take "ELSE 
IF" in the SlackBuild to pass needed flags to build if the maintainer is 
using aarch and have done some testing to make sure it builds fine on 
aarch64. I personally don't have RPi machines to test it and we don't 
have enough resources and time to handle 3 architecture at the same time 
with over 8k scripts in SBo with only few active admins approving all 
the submissions that are coming in daily basis.

I'm so grateful that Urchlay and Andrew has stepped up to help with the 
linter and semi-automatic CI engine in github. It really helped us to 
approve faster than before, but still requires some manual actions and 
time to make sure everything works as expected.

i can't imagine how long would it take for the next repository to be 
ready if we have to test 8k+ scripts x 3 architectures using the number 
of resources we have.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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