[Slackbuilds-users] website direction requests

Erik Hanson erik at slackbuilds.org
Sun Jul 2 16:43:43 UTC 2006

On Jul 01, 2006, at  9:35 PM, Robby Workman wrote:

> Ezra Free wrote:
> > do we want to ask for the slackware version the SlackBuilds are
> > intended to be used on when they are submitting their SlackBuilds
> > on the uplaod form?
> So far as I understand the group's consensus, all of our scripts 
> are intended for the current version of Slackware (this is, of 
> course, *after* Slackware 11.0 releases).  In essence, I don't 
> see the need for that, and the only frequently encountered 
> barrier to a script working on other versions would be gcc.

A drop-down that defaults to 11.0 might not be bad, there's no
real reason to flat-out reject scripts for 10.2, they just need
to be marked as such. Also, scripts could rely on -current (or 
future versions) post-11.0.

> > do we want a message board on the site?
> I think that depends on how you define "message board."  If you 
> mean a forum, my vote is NO.  We have an irc channel and a 
> mailing list, and the mailing list archives are public - I just 
> don't see the need for a forum.


> > should there be links to view each file in an uploaded SlackBuild 
> > seperately, or just a link to download them all together, as a gzip
> > or something?
> As Erik stated, I think both would be nice.  Maybe a "Download 
> this entire directory as a tar.gz archive" option would be good, 
> at the top of the page or something.  One concern, though: will 
> the server have to generate this archive each time it's 
> requested, or will that be a one-time thing?  If it's a one-time 
> thing, in which the tar.gz archive is cached somewhere, then what 
> happens when something in the directory is changed?  Can you 
> build in detection for that, or will we need to generate the 
> tar.gz archive manually?

The back-end of the admin bit should be able to handle this,
creating/updating the .tar.gz's when a script is approved or

> > i'll be busy all day and night saturday with a party here at my
> > house, so won't be available too much until Sunday, but the more
> > direction you guys give me as to how you think it should be done,
> > the faster I will be able to code it when I sit down to do so again.
> The only other issue I see at the moment is:  when the category 
> directories become more populated, are the files still going to 
> list in a single column, or will they spread out to two (or more) 
> columns?

Layout shouldn't be an issue after it starts pulling the data from a
db instead of the filesystem. This needs to happen anyway, for search


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