[Slackbuilds-users] website direction requests

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Sun Jul 2 02:35:23 UTC 2006

Ezra Free wrote:

> do we want to ask for the slackware version the SlackBuilds are intended 
> to be used on when they are submitting their SlackBuilds on the uplaod 
> form?

So far as I understand the group's consensus, all of our scripts 
are intended for the current version of Slackware (this is, of 
course, *after* Slackware 11.0 releases).  In essence, I don't 
see the need for that, and the only frequently encountered 
barrier to a script working on other versions would be gcc.

> do we want a message board on the site?

I think that depends on how you define "message board."  If you 
mean a forum, my vote is NO.  We have an irc channel and a 
mailing list, and the mailing list archives are public - I just 
don't see the need for a forum.

> regarding the repository...
> can anyone provide further input as to how they think it should look? 
> look at how it is now and inform me of anything that could be done 
> differently. do we want to count the number of times a slackbuild has 
> been downloaded? do we want to list the date a slackbuild was uploaded? 
> (i was thinking i could pull this from the date on the filesystem probably)

I'm not sure that information is even useful, but assuming it is, 
a "Last Modified" date would seem more important than the upload 

> should there be links to view each file in an uploaded SlackBuild 
> seperately, or just a link to download them all together, as a gzip or 
> something?

As Erik stated, I think both would be nice.  Maybe a "Download 
this entire directory as a tar.gz archive" option would be good, 
at the top of the page or something.  One concern, though: will 
the server have to generate this archive each time it's 
requested, or will that be a one-time thing?  If it's a one-time 
thing, in which the tar.gz archive is cached somewhere, then what 
happens when something in the directory is changed?  Can you 
build in detection for that, or will we need to generate the 
tar.gz archive manually?

> i'll be busy all day and night saturday with a party here at my house, 
> so won't be available too much until Sunday, but the more direction you 
> guys give me as to how you think it should be done, the faster I will be 
> able to code it when I sit down to do so again.

The only other issue I see at the moment is:  when the category 
directories become more populated, are the files still going to 
list in a single column, or will they spread out to two (or more) 




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