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Alan Hicks alan at lizella.net
Mon Jul 3 02:34:26 UTC 2006

Robby Workman wrote:
>> A drop-down that defaults to 11.0 might not be bad, there's no
>> real reason to flat-out reject scripts for 10.2, they just need
>> to be marked as such. Also, scripts could rely on -current (or future
>> versions) post-11.0.
> I think that introduces an unnecessary management headache for us; as it
> stands, everything is geared toward 11.0 and forward, with an FAQ entry
> providing instructions for use on older versions of Slackware.

I'm with Robby on this one.  There's only so much hand-holding that can
be reasonably done, and even if it can be reasonably done, should it be
done at all?  In my mind, anyone capable of using a SlackBuild script is
probably capable of understanding one well enough to mod it to get it to
work with older (or newer) releases, especially with our FAQ entry.

> The assumption should be that all scripts work on the most
> recent version of Slackware, and if the assumption is false, then a bug
> report should be made.

If this is the way we want it to work, we should make that a FAQ entry.

>>> ...will we need to generate the tar.gz archive manually?
>> The back-end of the admin bit should be able to handle this,
>> creating/updating the .tar.gz's when a script is approved or
>> updated.
> Okay, that's sounds reasonable to me - in other words, as part of the
> approval process, the admin should also create a tar.gz of the
> directory, right?  Where will that file be stored, though - in the same
> directory, or in a separate directory somewhere?

I'm thinking just below that directory.  In other words.


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Ecclesiastes 7:5
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