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Ezra Free ezra at slackbuilds.org
Mon Jul 3 08:10:36 UTC 2006

thanks for all the input guys, i'm getting a clearer picture of what it 
is i need to build now.

regarding the generation of the .tar.gz this could be done in php 
scripting using the exec() function in php to simply run the tar command 
on the command line.


Alan Hicks wrote:
> Robby Workman wrote:
>>> A drop-down that defaults to 11.0 might not be bad, there's no
>>> real reason to flat-out reject scripts for 10.2, they just need
>>> to be marked as such. Also, scripts could rely on -current (or future
>>> versions) post-11.0.
>> I think that introduces an unnecessary management headache for us; as it
>> stands, everything is geared toward 11.0 and forward, with an FAQ entry
>> providing instructions for use on older versions of Slackware.
> I'm with Robby on this one.  There's only so much hand-holding that can
> be reasonably done, and even if it can be reasonably done, should it be
> done at all?  In my mind, anyone capable of using a SlackBuild script is
> probably capable of understanding one well enough to mod it to get it to
> work with older (or newer) releases, especially with our FAQ entry.
>> The assumption should be that all scripts work on the most
>> recent version of Slackware, and if the assumption is false, then a bug
>> report should be made.
> If this is the way we want it to work, we should make that a FAQ entry.
>>>> ...will we need to generate the tar.gz archive manually?
>>> The back-end of the admin bit should be able to handle this,
>>> creating/updating the .tar.gz's when a script is approved or
>>> updated.
>> Okay, that's sounds reasonable to me - in other words, as part of the
>> approval process, the admin should also create a tar.gz of the
>> directory, right?  Where will that file be stored, though - in the same
>> directory, or in a separate directory somewhere?
> I'm thinking just below that directory.  In other words.
> /network/
> /network/postfix/*
> /network/postfix.tar.gz
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