[Slackbuilds-users] Fwd: Re: slackbuild script dangers [volkerdi at slackware.com]

Michiel P.H. van Wessem michiel.van.wessem at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 11:04:31 UTC 2006

On Sunday 05 November 2006 10:55, Mark Flacy wrote:
> Greetings,
> You might find the attached email interesting.  I intend to modify any
> scripts which I write according to Pat's response.

my template for the slackbuilds make (perhaps in abundance) use of "|| exit 1"
to give an example 
cd $TMP || exit 1
tar -xzvf $CWD/$NAME-$VERSION.tar.gz || exit 1
cd $NAME-$VERSION || exit 1
chown -R root:root $TMP/$NAME-$VERSION || exit 1

This will stop the script if anything goes wrong other than what I want it to

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