[Slackbuilds-users] Fwd: Re: slackbuild script dangers [volkerdi at slackware.com]

Eric Hameleers alien at sox.homeip.net
Sun Nov 5 11:07:15 UTC 2006

Mark Flacy wrote:

>You might find the attached email interesting.  I intend to modify any scripts which I write according to Pat's response.
> Mark Flacy wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I can't really say this is a bug, but it has bitten me in the behind
>> a few times.  The scripts will 'cd' into /tmp, explode the source
>> archive, 'cd' into the new source directory and then recursively
>> chown everything in there to root.root.
>> If, for some reason, the "explode the source archive" didn't work you
>> end up recursively chowning *everything* in /tmp to root.root.  That
>> includes all the user-specific directories used by KDE, Gnome,
>> ssh-agent, and so on.  If you aren't root, things stop working. 
>> That's really annoying.  :-)
The SBo scripts build everything in "/tmp/SBo" which alleviates the
potential problem quite a lot.


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