[Slackbuilds-users] Bug: wxGTK

Timothy Pollard t.pollard.12 at scu.edu.au
Wed Aug 8 04:27:30 UTC 2007


I just submitted an update (2.6.3->2.8.4) of the wxGTK SlackBuild a couple of
hours ago, and I just realised that I'd made a mistake, I'd only tested by
running a wxWidgets program, Audacity, to see if it worked, but hadn't tried
compiling anything against it. The problem is that there is a couple of lines
where a link is created to wx-config, unfortunately the link's destination
needs to change for each version of wxGTK, and I'd left it on 2.6, thus
demonstrating the need for proper testing. :-)
Any chance one of the Admins could delete the package from the queue, so I can
re-submit a corrected version?


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