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Fri Aug 10 20:05:22 UTC 2007


On 8/10/07, Petar Petkoff <tihomiroff at gmail.com> wrote:
>        Hello,
> I'm new in this list, so I'm not informed about your traditions and style.
> Now I'm working on vlc compilation for slackware.
> I can contribute all my work in this area, but I'm interesting from some
> points. Initially I started with simple config
>     ./configure --enable-release --prefix=/usr/local --enable-wxwindows \
>     --enable-debug --enable-v4l --enable-shared --enable-shared-pp \
>     --enable-pp --enable-gpl
> but I noticed that it is not suitable for me.
> Looking around, i found a debian's config. I suppose that most of you
> prefer
> to make own config, not to get it from debian or other distros, but this
> is
> a good work for me. Currently I'm trying to work with slightly modified
> debians config, and I'm ready to share my considerations for these
> changes.
> And here you can read my questions:
> Q1. What should I do to make this slackbuild, when it requires some deps,
> some of them are current cvs version :( - example - libmpeg2, ffmpeg? What
> should I do if the number of deps are 4-5 or more?

We have  discussed  how to handle  CVS snapshots previously.  Please refer
to the following archive:

All dependencies must be listed in README

Q2. What should I do to make this slackbuild compatible with
> "non-totalitarian countries" and "totalitarian countries" due to patent
> problems?

Take a look at one of my scripts to see the disclaimer I use:

Such disclaimer is aimed at the U.S. laws and since SlackBuilds.org is
located in U.S., this is an acceptable solution.

Q3. Is it preferred to split vlc package into some smaller packages or one?
> for example: vlc and mozilla-plugin-vlc and etc.
> or more: libvlc, vlc, vlc-doc, vlc-howto, mozilla-plugin-vlx and etc.

In my opinion, libvlc, mozilla-plugin-vlc, and vlc would be a good enough

Q4. What should I do if compilation requires some header files only from
> other package or lib, but this header files are not required for normal
> working with compiled tool (Need only for compilation)?

As mentioned above, all dependencies needed for either compilation, or
day-to-day execution of the application need to be mentioned in README.  You
can specify which dependencies are permanent and which can be removed after
the package is compiled.

I'll note you, that I didn't read all documents, describing how to make a
> slackbuild package, so I prefer to read them instead of loosing your time.

Here is a tutorial on how to write SlackBuilds:
Here is a general template:  http://slackbuilds.org/template.SlackBuild

Best Regards,
Alex Lysenka
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