[Slackbuilds-users] Update - 20070813

Michiel van Wessem michiel at slackbuilds.org
Mon Aug 13 03:00:36 UTC 2007

Mon Aug 13 02:58:03 UTC 2007
academic/galculator: Fixed a missing icon in the SlackBuild. Thanks to 
  Frank Caraballo for the fix. --BP{k}
desktop/alphacube: Added - Alphacube is a Window decoration for KDE ported 
  from the Metacity theme Alphacube. Thanks to Eroc. --BP{k}
desktop/baghira: Added - Baghira is a native style for QT/KDE, which basically
  is a perky imitation of Apples OSX look. Thanks to core. --BP{k}
desktop/blended: Added - Blended is a native style for KDE. Thanks to Eroc.
desktop/cylonminimal: Added  CylonMinimal is a windeco for KDE  inspired by 
  the Cylons of the new 'Battlestar Galactica' - Series. Thanks to 
  Eroc. --BP{k}
desktop/google-desktop: Fixed a serious flaw in the script which created
  a package that set bad permissions on /usr, /etc, /var, and a few other
  directories.  Most sincere apologies for not catching it in my initial
  testing, and thanks to Jick Nan for the report.  --rworkman
desktop/lipstik: Added - Lipstik is a clean looking style for the KDE desktop.
  Thanks to Adnan Hodzic. --BP{k}
desktop/kbfx: Added - KBFX is an alternative to the classical K-Menu button.
  Thanks to Eroc. --BP{k}
development/byacc: Added - byacc is the Berkeley Yacc parser generator, that
  used to be in Slackware-11.0. Needed for nethack. Thanks to dadexter for the
  submission. --BP{k}
development/glade3: Added - glade3 is GTK gui design and RAD Tool. Thanks to 
  Mark Walling. --BP{k}
development/scite: Added -  SciTE is a SCIntilla based Text Editor. Originally
  built to demonstrate Scintilla. Thanks to Iskar Enev. --BP{k}
development/easyedit: Added - easyedit is an easy to use text editor. 
  Thanks to Simon Coxall. --BP{k}
games/prboom: Added - prboom is a port of the classic fps game Doom by 
  idSoftware. Thanks to mannyslack. --BP{k}
graphics/vbetool: Fixed the license and disclaimer. Thanks 
  to Alex Lysenka. --BP{k}
libraries/fftw: Added - FFTW is a free collection of fast C routines for
  computing the Discrete Fourier Transform in one or more dimensions.
  Thanks to Kyle Guinn for the submission.  --alien
libraries/gtkspell: Added - gtkspell is a spellchecker wrapped in a GTK text
  widget. Thanks to Boricua. --BP{k}
multimedia/cmus: Updated for version 2.2.0. Thanks to eroc. --BP{k}
multimedia/divx4linux: Added - divx4linux is a DivX codec for Linux. 
  Thanks to Jonathan Yu. --BP{k}
multimedia/dvdauthor: Added - DVDauthor is a simple set of tools to help 
  you author a DVD. Thanks to Brian Reichert. --BP{k}
multimedia/easytag: Updated for version 2.1. Thanks to Yalla-One. --BP{k}
multimedia/flash-player-plugin: Updated for version Thanks to
  abrouwer and hollywoodb. --BP{k}
multimedia/k9copy: Added - k9copy is a KDE/Linux DVD Shrink Utility. 
  Thanks to Brian Reichert. --BP{k}
network/kcheckgmail: Added - KCheckGmail is a KDE system tray application
  which checks for new emails in your Gmail account. Thanks 
  to Adnan Hodzic. --BP{k}
network/opera: Upgraded to version 9.22. Thanks to dadexter for the 
  submission. --BP{k}
network/squid: Added - Squid is a high-performance proxy caching server.
  Thanks to David Somero. --BP{k}
office/clacct: Added - clacct is a command-line accounting program. Thanks
  to dadexter. --BP{k}
office/lyx: Updated for version 1.4.4. Thanks to Rodney Codd for spotting this
  and dadexter for the orginal script. --BP{k}
system/dolphin: Added - Dolphin is a file manager for KDE focusing on 
  usability. Thanks to Arun Prasannan. --BP{k}
system/dosbox: Updated for version 0.70. Thanks to Mattias Linde and
  dadexter for the script. --BP{k}
system/fuse: Updated for version 2.7.0. Thanks to core. --BP{k}
system/gpsbabel: Added - GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes 
  from one format to another.  Thanks to Kyle Guinn.  --rworkman
system/gpsman: Added - GPS Manager (GPSMan) is a graphical manager of GPS 
  Thanks to Kyle Guinn.  --rworkman
system/ntfs-3g: Updated for version 1.710. Thanks to core. --BP{k}
system/tightvnc: Added - remote control Virtual Network Computing (VNC) 
  software. Thanks to Brian Reichert. --BP{k}

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