[Slackbuilds-users] openoffice.SlackBuild(VERSION=2.2.1 BUILD=1) : wrong file ownership.

core eroc at linuxmail.org
Sat Jul 14 04:17:14 UTC 2007

BUILD=1 for openoffice has a bug, if you see the ChangeLog of rlworkman:

Mon Jun 25 21:39:20 UTC 2007
openoffice.org-2.2.1_en_US-i586-2_rlw.tgz: Rebuilt to fix a stupid
  error on my part - as part of my testing on this, I had commented out
  the line in the build script that corrects file ownership, and I
  forgot to uncomment it when building the *real* package, so the file
  ownership of most package contents was 786:261.  Sincere apologies for
  that, and big thanks to Jean-Francois Blavier for the heads-up.

To solve this, you can use the new BUILD=2:

eroc at linuxmail.org || eroc @ #slackware at irc.freenode.org || http://rootshell.be/~core

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