[Slackbuilds-users] Recent vbetool submission

Wade Nelson hollywoodb at fastmail.fm
Fri Jun 15 16:05:11 UTC 2007

I recently resubmitted vbetool with a patch to let it build on
-current... I used /etc/slackware-version to determine whether the patch
was needed (11.0 doesn't need it).

I used a " > 11" since at the time slackware-version was 11.1.0... now
that it looks like it is officially 12.0 the statement should read ">=
12.0" instead.  It will work either way, but since 11.0 is the last of
the 2.4-supporting Slackware versions I wouldn't be surprised if it
recieves an 11.1 maintenance-type release that would cause problems with
the SlackBuild in its current state.

Wade Nelson
hollywoodb at fastmail.fm

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