[Slackbuilds-users] xarchiver bug: move of documentation to /usr/doc stops help menu item from working.

Helo Athena helo.athena at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 16 23:20:56 UTC 2007

I just built xarchiver on slackware current and I noticed that the
help/help menu item in the application does not work.

It is looking for file:///usr/share/doc/xarchiver/html/index.html but
the documentation is moved to /usr/doc/xarchiver-0.4.4/html.

Removing the -$VERSION in the slackbuild on the 4 lines that move the
documentation fixed it.

Now should I summit the updated script or is adding a symlink to the
doinit.sh a better way to fix it?  The configure script does not appear
to have a option to change the path in the app.


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