[Slackbuilds-users] Where to find rpm2cpio?

Erik Hanson erik at slackbuilds.org
Mon Mar 19 17:29:27 UTC 2007

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On Mar 19, 2007, at  5:01 PM, Michiel van Wessem wrote:

> On Monday 19 March 2007 16:48, alkos333 wrote:
> > Jick,
> >
> > I was actually going to install an openoffce from SlackBuilds.org as well,
> > but I was recommended to use Workman's package which was supposedly better
> > than the build script.  Workman (robw810) has been a packager for a while
> > and has a lot of experience.  You can also trust him not to mess up your
> > system.
> I can't really see, how the SlackBuild that rob used to create his package is 
> somewhat going to be better than the package that resulted from using the 
> Slackbuild.

The result should be the same, both repackage the binary distribution of OOo.

> The only difference is perhaps slightly easier to install. A case of 
> installpkg, versus downloading the script and needed files and running 
> something similar to . openoffice.info && wget -c $DOWNLOAD 
> && ./openoffice.SlackBuild && installpkg /tmp/openoffice-*_SBo.tgz [1]

Sourcing of .info files should be discouraged. Usually you get the harmless
error about the AUTHOR's last name not being a valid command. But imagine
this: (snipped for brevity)

AUTHOR=Erik yes Hanson

. calcoo.info ; wget $DOWNLOAD

Suddenly your screen is scrolling with massive amounts of "Hanson"

It could be a lot worse, and granted we try as a team to prevent something
like this from happening. The answer to this, of course, is to double-quote
everything in .info [1], thus allowing them to be variables and be sourced.
This also fixes any follow-through links [2]. This is a lot of work (unless
someone has some good sed-fu) and I can't speak on behalf of the entire
team on a change like this. It seems common sense to me, almost mandatory,

[1] - AUTHOR="Erik Hanson"
[2] - DOWNLOAD="http://website.com/download.php?file=fubar.tar.gz"

Erik Hanson
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