[Slackbuilds-users] package version problem (while building an sbo tool )

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Tue Nov 13 16:23:17 UTC 2007

LukenShiro wrote:
> martedì 13 novembre 2007, Robby Workman ha scritto:
>>>  PKG_NAME=otp_R11B
>>>  VERSION=5
>>> the file will be 'otp_R11B-5-i486-1_SBo.tgz'
>> I'm not sure of the best way to handle this.
>> The upstream guys need to have a sane name/version scheme.
> Sorry, but wouldn't it be better to rename this package as "erlang" 
> or "erlang-otp", and format his version as "11B_5" or "11B.5"?
> (the first "R" stands simply for 'Release' according to FAQ 3.2 
> http://www.erlang.org/faq/faq.html )
> It seems next major version will be R12, so maybe it isn't advisable 
> putting version number as built-in in the package name.

That's worth a look.  Like many things, I tend to forget if somebody
doesn't constantly remind me, so if someone wants to rework that
script to make those changes, please feel free.  Resubmit the new
one, and be sure to put a note about the changes in the Comments
field when uploading.


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