[Slackbuilds-users] Coherent GNOME libs set

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Sun Oct 7 09:03:24 UTC 2007


I'm just trying to install the audio ripper/encoder GRip on my Slack 
12.0 (XFCE desktop). It's a GNOME app, and it requires libgnomeui.

The slackbuilds.org site offers the odd GNOME lib, some taken from 2.14, 
some from 2.18, but in the actual state, it's impossible to build a 
coherent set of minimal GNOME libs. Try to build lignomeui (any 
version), and you'll see what I mean. (You'll also understand why 
Patrick Volkerding has dropped GNOME).

For a while, the french Slackware site slackbuilds.net had a series of 
SlackBuild scripts called gnome-minimal, which installed a very reduced 
set of GNOME libs, enabling you to install apps like gcalc, grip or 
gnome-system-monitor, e. g. GNOME packages that were not too heavy on 
dependencies. Or let's say they indeed were heavy on dependencies, but 
not *pathologically* heavy, like totem or rhythmbox, just to name these 
two. The slackbuilds.net script series has been working well for a 
while, but it's been developed to death recently, and unfortunately 
become unusable. Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien (french saying, meaning 
"better is the enemy of good"). Another point is that slackbuilds.net 
has a different approach for building packages. I won't go into much 
detail. (Fakeroot is for sissies :oD)

It would be fine if the slackbuilds.org site could offer a *coherent* 
set of minimal GNOME libs, and then a very small HOWTO for the build 
order... or maybe just a build.README.

As for the version numbers, I suggest to choose the actual set proposed 
in BLFS stable, based on 2.14:


I'd be glad to take up work on this, but my competence is limited. 
Doesn't one of the script gurus here (Eric?) want to do this?



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