[Slackbuilds-users] Coherent GNOME libs set

BKirkpatrick bkirkp at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 14:08:10 UTC 2007

Niki Kovacs wrote:
I'm just trying to install the audio ripper/encoder GRip on my Slack 
12.0 (XFCE desktop). It's a GNOME app, and it requires libgnomeui.

I've used GRip, you may want to go straight to KAudioCreator instead!

It would be fine if the slackbuilds.org site could offer a *coherent* 
set of minimal GNOME libs, and then a very small HOWTO for the build 
order... or maybe just a build.README.

I've recently installed Slacky Gnome from Slacky.it for this purpose. I don't use the Gnome desktop, prefer KDE, but there are several Gnome apps I like. The Gnome app I cannot live without is Gnucash & I had been beating my head against Slackware 11/12 & Dropline trying to get it to work, without success. My temporary fix was to install Kububtu on this machine so that I could have Gnucash. Gnucash is included in the complete installation of Slacky Gnome. No more head beating! And GRAMPS compiles, installs & runs flawlessly. Slacky Gnome installation offers three (I think) options on installation: minimal, desktop, & complete (with extra packages, including Gnucash). However, let me add a few words about minimal installations. If you look at the recommendations of most of the software packagers, they want their packages installed on a complete installation of whatever they are packaging for. I used to try to save disk space by using the "menu" option & picking & choosing packages. But it seemed that I was always having to go back to my Slackware repository to install some package that I had left out in my original installation. I did my current installation about a month ago & decided that disk space was now cheap enough to do whatever I want. So, now I have a 10GB partition, 6.5GB of which is used. I've loaded every bit of Slack12, Gnome Slacky & numerous other packages, including GoogleEarth & Picasa. In case I have problems with a package I'm building, or if I want to share a package, I also have a 6GB partition with just the complete Slack12 installation that I can boot into if needed. I personally think you should rethink your desire for a minimal installation.

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