[Slackbuilds-users] Package Thoughts

Heinz Wiesinger HMWiesinger at gmx.at
Mon Sep 3 12:08:00 UTC 2007

I have installed quite a lot of packages in the last few days, using the 
SBo-scripts, and I encountered some things, which can probably be made better 
IMHO. This are just suggestions.

1.: wireshark
wireshark does not find openssl under Slackware, if not configured 
with 'with-ssl=/usr/lib'. At least this is what the configure-script reports 
(No SSL and therefore no NET-SNMP). It does use it after the build it seems, 
though. But maybe for consistency.
Also adding '--enable-threads' is probably a good addition.

2.: libsigcxx
during the build, the content of /usr/share/doc/libsigc-2.0/ is moved 
to /usr/doc, but the empty directory remains.

3.: acroread
I recognized the PPKLITE plugin to be 'deactivated', which is not needed IMHO.
PPKLITE uses openldap, which is included in Slackware. Everything needed to 
make the error message disappear on startup is two symlinks.
I used this in my own build-scripts until now:

cd $PKG/usr/local/Adobe/Acrobat7.0/Reader/intellinux/lib
ln -s /usr/lib/libldap.so libldap.so
ln -s /usr/lib/liblber.so liblber.so

Just some things, but please correct me if I missunderstood something or 
comment on any of these, if not optimal (as I'm still learning ;)

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