[Slackbuilds-users] sbopkg 0.0.5 released

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Sun Apr 6 15:29:29 EDT 2008

Bob Lounsbury wrote:
>>  Are you doing this as root or regular user?
> As a regular user. Should it be done as root?a

you can set it to maintain a local repo in your home user's directory 
and as long as your normal user has write permissions, then you should 
be able to edit etc.  But building pkgs requires the script be run as 
root since SBo Slackbuilds are intended to be run as root.

>> What is the output of 'echo $EDITOR' for the user running sbopkg?
> Strange. I just get a blank line. Nothing is listed. I guess that's
> the problem. So, how do I set the system/user editor?

Ah, then it's working -- you're just being dumped into vi!  :-)  hence 
the no menu bar at the bottom.  Do ':q' to quit

You can temporarily change your $EDITOR by doing 'EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano' 
and you can add that to your .bashrc with other environmental variables 
if you want to make it permanent.

Chess Griffin
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