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Phillip Warner pc_warner at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 28 23:59:56 UTC 2008

Just so everyone knows who is reading this, the '&' in the URLs in an XML file should have an 'amp;' right after or else the search plugin won't work (since it would have an invalid XML file).  My last email decided not to show that for since it auto-linked part of the line. grrr...

Anyways, yes, multiple easy solutions to a small problem.


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this is also an option, because the search tool is simple really, its
not anything critical, just a handy hack.
once its installed, its stored in
so you can edit it to choose a particular version.

i'm not saying that there shouldn't be multiple plugins for the
versions, its just too many moving parts for a simple, non critical


On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 5:11 PM, Phillip Warner 
> I've been using the search plugin I found at http://mycroft.mozdev.org/ for
> a long time (there is only one for slackBuilds.org so it is easy to find),
> and it worked fine until the recent change to the search page on
> slackBuilds.org.
> It works wonderfully, however, if you simply change a line at the bottom to:
> template="http://slackbuilds.org/result/?sv=12.0&search={searchTerms}">
> You can obviously change 'sv' to whatever slackware version you want (only
> useful for versions slackBuilds.org supports).
> I don't know if Manuel Otto, who made this plugin, got permission to use the
> slackware image, however.
> --phil

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