[Slackbuilds-users] Wrong link for Lyx

Kemal Ilgar Eroglu ilgar_eroglu at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 6 16:44:29 UTC 2008

Yes but there is already a Lyx Qt4 slackbuild. Slack 12.1 doesn't have Qt4 so people like me have to use the 1.4.x series. I think this should be maintained until Qt4 makes it to Slack.


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>   Er, pardon me for buttin in, but the LyX development team has just
> released 1.6.0. For those users sticking with the 1.5.x series (for whatever
> reason), 1.5.7 was released four days after 1.6.0.
>   I have my own SlackBuild script that I've used for LyX for several years.
> My recommendation for the official script is that it use the latest release,
> not one from so far in the past.


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