[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20080302

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Sun Mar 2 17:29:27 EST 2008

Sun Mar  2 22:25:31 UTC 2008
First of all, sorry for the extended outage of our mailing list and admin
  email; cardinal.lizella.net hosts those for us, and their colocation center
  decided to close their branch in the town where it was hosted (and forgot
  to let the owners know).  If DNS changes have propagated out to everyone
  by now, lists and mail should be back up.  We're still relaying mail through
  another host while we work on getting rDNS set up for us, but for the most
  part, everything is back to normal.  Again, apologies for the inconvenience,
  but it beyond our control.  With all that said, here are some updates...
desktop/Blokkal: Added - Blokkal is a blogging client for KDE.
  Thanks to Vincent Batts.  --rworkman
development/Genshi: Added - Genshi is a Python toolkit for stream-based 
  generation of output for the web.  Thanks to Andrea Maccis.  --rworkman
development/icoutils: Added - icoutils is a set of programs for extracting and
  converting images in Microsoft Windows(R) icon and cursor files.
  Thanks to Mark Walling.  --David Somero
development/jbigkit: Noted patent information in the README; no changes to the
  build script.  Thanks to Iskar Enev.  --rworkman
development/SQLAlchemy: Updated to version 0.4.3.
  Thanks to Andrea Maccis.  --David Somero
development/Werkzeug: Updated to version 0.2.
  Thanks to Andrea Maccis.  --David Somero
libraries/barry: Fixed the build script to add the TAG to package name.
  Thanks to Amrit for spotting the oversight. :)  --rworkman
libraries/gtkglext: Bugfixes - the first strip line errors out, causing the 
  subshell to exit, so we append "|| true" to it; also, copy the build script
  into the docs directory.  Thanks to Frank Caraballo.  --rworkman
libraries/pycairo: Bugfix - same strip problem as gtkglext.
  Thanks again to Frank Caraballo.  --rworkman
libraries/qt4: Updated to version 4.3.4.
  Thanks to Aleksandar B. Samardzic.  --David Somero
misc/clawsker: Updated for version 0.4.0. Thanks to Erik Hanson. --rworkman
multimedia/fluidsynth: Added - FluidSynth is a software real-time synthesizer 
  based on the Soundfont 2 specifications.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
multimedia/id3v2: Added a patch to fix a crash bug.
  Thanks to Paul Wisehart.  --David Somero
multimedia/sonata: Updated to version 1.4.2.
  Thanks to Andrew Brouwers.  --David Somero
network/frostwire: Added - FrostWire is a fork of LimeWire, a cross-platform, 
  open-source peer-to-peer filesharing client for the Gnutella and BitTorrent 
  protocols.  Thanks to Phil Warner.  --rworkman
system/apcupsd: Fixed permissions on /var/lock directory.  If you've got an
  apcupsd package build from us before today, you don't have to rebuild it -
  you can use the shortcut:  "chmod 1777 /var/lock"  --rworkman
system/aufs: Added - Aufs is a stackable unification filesystem like Unionfs.
  Thanks to Mauro Giachero.  --rworkman
system/cfengine: Updated for version 2.2.3. Thanks to Menno Duursma. --rworkman
system/isomaster: Updated to version 1.3.1.
  Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --David Somero
system/splix: Updated for version 1.1.1 and added ability to build without
  jbig support.  Thanks to Iskar Enev.  --rworkman
system/watchdog: Updated for version 5.4.  Thanks to Menno Duursma. --rworkman

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