[Slackbuilds-users] Critical update suggestions for 12.1 repository

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu May 1 01:12:28 UTC 2008

Greetings, everyone:

We are in the process of (hopefully) finalizing everything for the
upcoming Slackware 12.1 release, and while we think we've got most
of the major issues handled, there are a few things that might still
need to be addressed.  

First, we have a short list of things in the 12.0 tree that won't 
build on -current, so if the maintainers of these (or anyone else, 
if so inclined) would like to investigate them and try to find a 
solution or update the script for a newer version, we'll try to 
get them included if you get them to us soon enough.  See the end 
of this mail for a list.

Second, if anyone is aware of any *critical* updates that are needed
to anything, drop us a note in this thread.  Note that this is NOT
for routine version bumps (those can be handled after the tree opens);
instead, this is for things that have security fixes in newer versions,
scripts in which we patch around a problem for -current but newer 
version eliminates the need to patch, and other similar issues.
The following items should be ignored - they have already been handled
by us or others (in no particular order):
all of the perl stuff (to use vendor_perl), matchbox-panel, brutalchess,
wormux, inkscape, OpenAL, picasa, exo-notify, libexif-gtk, libgdiplus,
wxGTK, transcode, synaptics, xorg-server-xephyr, and perhaps a few others
that caught version bumps but weren't noted as problematic before.

Again, requests for routine version updates will be ignored (and perhaps
ridiculed)  ;-) 

Here's the list of things that either won't build on -current (for whatever
reason) or we don't have valid download links for the source code and 
nobody was able to find time (or perhaps interest) in updating:
baghira, erlang-otp, zaptel, rtl-wifi, stardict, google-desktop, moodin,
webpy, python-levenshtein, cmus, ekiga, and skype

Thanks in advance,
Robby Workman
--for the SlackBuilds.org Team

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