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I personally have no problem with that, but some people may and this might discourage some good submissions.  Perhaps a good compromise would be to make sure it doesn't sound too harsh or if it is only for one Slackware release.  If the next release comes out and the maintainer doesn't update a script that doesn't work on the newest release, then it can simply be removed.  It would be nice if maintainers would let us know when they no longer can/want to maintain a slackBuild, so maybe this could be asked of the person submitting a script.

Something that also might be really useful is to start an official list of orphaned and recently removed scripts.  That way a person could look at that one file and then email the user list to say "Hey, I'll take it.  Here's my submission."  I know this could be accomplished through threads like this, but it might be more convenient to have it all in once place instead of spread through many messages.  Ideally, this would be included on the site similar to the Changelog, but I understand if the admins don't want another file to maintain.


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alkos333 wrote:
| Well, let's slide down the "slippery slope"  as Robby so eloquently
| puts it every time :).   If anybody would like to take over
| desktop/3ddesktop, feel free to do so because I don't use it anymore
| and have no interest in maintaining the script.

Perhaps we should start offering a "social contract" for anyone
uploading a submission for SBo - say, we ask you to confirm that you
stay responsible for your submission for at least 2 Slackware releases.


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