[Slackbuilds-users] "orphaned" scripts

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu May 15 18:21:58 UTC 2008

Phillip Warner wrote:
> I personally have no problem with that, but some people may and this 
> might discourage some good submissions.  Perhaps a good compromise would 
> be to make sure it doesn't sound too harsh or if it is only for one 
> Slackware release.  If the next release comes out and the maintainer 
> doesn't update a script that doesn't work on the newest release, then it 
> can simply be removed.  It would be nice if maintainers would let us 
> know when they no longer can/want to maintain a slackBuild, so maybe 
> this could be asked of the person submitting a script.
> Something that also might be really useful is to start an official list 
> of orphaned and recently removed scripts.  That way a person could look 
> at that one file and then email the user list to say "Hey, I'll take 
> it.  Here's my submission."  I know this could be accomplished through 
> threads like this, but it might be more convenient to have it all in 
> once place instead of spread through many messages.  Ideally, this would 
> be included on the site similar to the Changelog, but I understand if 
> the admins don't want another file to maintain.

We were just talking about doing something like that - we think it
will help *us* too :)


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