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Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Thu May 15 18:31:28 UTC 2008

Robby Workman wrote:
> Phillip Warner wrote:
>> I personally have no problem with that, but some people may and this 
>> might discourage some good submissions.  Perhaps a good compromise 
>> would be to make sure it doesn't sound too harsh or if it is only for 
>> one Slackware release.  If the next release comes out and the 
>> maintainer doesn't update a script that doesn't work on the newest 
>> release, then it can simply be removed.  It would be nice if 
>> maintainers would let us know when they no longer can/want to maintain 
>> a slackBuild, so maybe this could be asked of the person submitting a 
>> script.
>> Something that also might be really useful is to start an official 
>> list of orphaned and recently removed scripts.  That way a person 
>> could look at that one file and then email the user list to say "Hey, 
>> I'll take it.  Here's my submission."  I know this could be 
>> accomplished through threads like this, but it might be more 
>> convenient to have it all in once place instead of spread through many 
>> messages.  Ideally, this would be included on the site similar to the 
>> Changelog, but I understand if the admins don't want another file to 
>> maintain.
> We were just talking about doing something like that - we think it
> will help *us* too :)
> -RW

If an unmaintained script still works, though, couldn't it remain in the 
repo until such time as it no longer works?  Orphaned does not have to 
mean removed.

Unmaintained ports in BSD's are almost always left in the ports tree and 
the maintainer is changed to the ports team in general.  Same with 
Debian, where some packages are maintained by a group or team.

In this case, I'm not suggesting that SBo admins maintain and update 
orphaned scripts.  That's adding more work to the team.  But, maybe 
changing MAINTAINER to NONE and leaving an orphaned script in the repo 
could be a compromise to outright removal -- so long as it works and is 
not a security problem.

The list Phil and Robby mention could also be kept, as an easy place to 
search for orphaned scripts.  Someone might want to help the project and 
taking over an unmaintained script would be a good way to do it.

Just a thought.

Chess Griffin
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