[Slackbuilds-users] Why did my SSLeay-SlackBuild get edited?

Manuel Reimer Manuel.Reimer at gmx.de
Thu Nov 6 16:28:00 UTC 2008


> Thanks for the contribution!

Thank you for the nice service and for all your work you do for Slackbuilds.org and Slackware at all! Also thank you for your work in getting KDE 4 to Slackware. I'm really looking forward to the final result!

> That's just the way we do it.  Is there a *technical* problem with our
> way, or are we going to argue about the best color to paint the bike
> shed?


The "problem" is that I added the "way I do it" to my script. It took me some time to find that way which doesn't require two more binaries to call (find and chmod) and a few less lines to do the same work in a probably even better way. It also took some time to test those tar options, to verify if it works the way it's expected.

If there is no problem with my way, then IMHO it should be kept in. At least for future scripts it would be nice to have the permission to have my way kept in. There is no need to modify the already published SSLeay script as it works well the way it is (retried some minutes ago).

It's a bit demotivating if things get changed where no changes are required. There are nearly always different ways to do one and the same thing, and if you ask programmers to send in their work, it may be a good idea to also accept their way of doing things and not just translate anything to the "only true way". It's always a good idea to look over the rim of a tea cup and maybe the solution, the author added, isn't totally crappy but a good idea, or at least an equal solution, where no replacement is required.

IIRC you already told me that you may accept the "tar-only" solution in new scripts, if a author uses it, in our discussion about security, some time ago. This is what initially shocked me a bit, as exactly this part now got changed. Remembering our discussion, some time ago, my first thought was: "do they try to insult me, now?". This may be also the reason why my mail was a bit impolitely. Sorry for that. I didn't realize, at first, that someone else reviewed my script. Would it help to add something like "please leave anything the way, I did it, where possible" to the comment, when uploading?

> Is there some part of that by which we did not abide?  If so, please
> point it out and we'll correct it. 

You are right. The license allowes modifying in any way. Unfortunately it allowes modification in *any* way, so even a change to something malware-like would still be allowed to be published with my name above it. For a small SlackBuild-Script this license may be OK but I wouldn't use it for bigger projects. There I prefer to use GPL/LGPL and/or MPL.

BTW: Which licenses are allowed? Is there a list?

I have some SlackBuild scripts lying around, to build the totem-player, including its nice browser plugin, in Slackware 12.1 (including the scripts for the absolute minimum dependencies it requires) and if there are alternative licenses, then maybe I'd switch over before uploading them.

Thanks for listening.

Yours sincerely

Manuel Reimer
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