[Slackbuilds-users] Why did my SSLeay-SlackBuild get edited?

Deak, Ferenc ferenc.deak at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 00:02:52 UTC 2008


I'm not part of the maintainer team, these are just my thoughts:

Slackware has a long tradition of its build scripts and
source availability, everybody can check/verify in a minute
how a given package is built.

There are a lot of standard parts in a SlacBuild script and
its environment, such as extracting the source, gzipping man
pages, strippnig binaries handling config files etc, a lot
of variables has standard names such as PRGNAM, VERSION,

More you deviate from these standards harder to understand,
verify, maintain your package.

Because the maintainers has limited resources, I think the
best thing we the contributors can do is to keep the
packages as standard as possible.

And you are wrong about the freedom of a programmer, in a
company there are a lot of coding rules, from simple file
format rules to code patterns.
Software is written once and read hundred times by you or others.

Again, if you use standard patterns its more easier to
understand and also harder to make errors.

Ferenc Deak

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