[Slackbuilds-users] Few bugs I noticed

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Fri Nov 14 14:06:26 UTC 2008

Heinz Wiesinger wrote:

 > Chess, I know we have talked about this line earlier already which
lead to the
> current code. Unfortunately I was wrong and the line should be stripped 
> completely. Sorry about that.


Just to confirm...

I fixed the -beta issues noted by Jakub.  Per your note, above, I also
removed these two lines:

mkdir -p $PKG/usr/share/locale
cp -rf $TMP/$PRGNAM-src-$VERSION/locale/*.po $PKG/usr/share/locale/

I rebuilt the package and it looks like the locale are indeed installed
correctly.  If this corresponds with your testing, please let me know
and then I'll submit an update.


Chess Griffin
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