[Slackbuilds-users] lapack, blas, etc.

Eric Hameleers (SBo) alien at slackbuilds.org
Wed Nov 19 18:04:52 UTC 2008

Vincent Batts schreef:
>> Vincent Batts wrote:
>>>> 2) The Motif library is provided by the repository but lesstif comes by
>>>> default with slackware. Is there no conflict? Should I first uninstall
>>>> lesstif? If not, how can I make sure an application is compiled against
>>>> motif and not lesstif?
>>> if you are refering to SlackBuilds/12.1/libraries/openmotif
>>> it does not provide lesstif, so there should not be any conflicts unless
>>> you are finding something different.
>> Hello!
>> And thank you for the answer!
>> Indeed, I refer to SlackBuilds/12.1/libraries/openmotif. The problem is
>> that the two of them provide similar things, since lesstif is an
>> implementation of the motif api(*). I suspect that some (many) files
>> have the same names and locations since, as I can understand from the
>> SlackBuild file, openmotif gets installed under /usr like lesstif. Thus
>> problems may arise.
> after doing a diff on the files, it does appear that both packages provide
> the following files:


> while it will not remove these files if you remove openmotif and have
> lesstif still installed, when you initially install openmotif it will over
> write these files.
> i'm not sure of the best way to pursue cleaning this up. :|
> any suggestions ?

Lesstif was written as a free drop-in replacement to the commercial 
Motif widget set.
And then Motif opened up their source code and OpenMotif was born.

If you want to install OpenMotif, you will have to remove lesstif first.


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