[Slackbuilds-users] Mirodi Snapshot Hosting

LukenShiro lukenshiro at ngi.it
Sun Nov 23 19:25:38 UTC 2008

sabato 22 novembre 2008, Robby Workman ha scritto:
> I don't see a reason why we can't host a svn snapshot.
> However, don't plan on making extremely frequent updates. :-)

 recently I've noticed serious problems in downloading some sources:
- sourceforge mirrors often give timeouts;
- some upstream projects believe to be smart changing web address from 
time to time, so some DOWNLOAD= lines are not valid anymore.
- few of them use 'https://' so they cannot be downloaded with a simple 
As soon as possible I intend to verify all package sources' availability 
to have a complete view, so I can tell which are related packages.

I wonder if hosting some 'problematic' sources on slackbuilds.org (or on 
another correlative website), at least, would be workable.
 I suppose it is not possible to host _all_ of source files (as e.g. 
Gentoo does), to maintain continuity and to prevent broken links, is it?

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