[Slackbuilds-users] kdenlive Slackbuild

Heinz Wiesinger pprkut at liwjatan.at
Wed Aug 5 19:48:33 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 05 August 2009 20:08:12 stormtracknole wrote:
> Thanks for looking at it Eric!
> Yes, I did not hide the fact that the script was taken from slacky.  Sorry
> about not changing i686 back to i486.  I had done that change when I
> compiled it.  I know the slackbuild is very sloppy and that I have to work
> on it some more.  However, before I do, I wanted to make sure that noone
> else is working on a script since all the work I would make would be a moot
> point.

I have a SlackBuild for kdenlive's kde3 version. I thought about updating it 
when 13.0 is out, but if you want it, you can have it too :)
It's already following SBo's standards, so if you want to base yours off of it, 
or take it as reference, feel free to do so. It's available at 

> Originally, I was going to use the stable release, but I changed it to svn
> just to run the latest and greatest.  I will change it back to use the
> stable release.

If you look at SBo and Slackware, you'll see that "lastest and greatest" is 
not exactly our philosophy ;)
All scripts on SBo, that use a svn-version do so for a good and valid reason. 
Kdenlive has regular stable releases. Using a svn-snapshot for it is kind of 

Note, my script indeed uses a svn-snapshot. The reason for it though is, that 
I was unable to build the latest release for kde3 against newer ffmpeg 

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