[Slackbuilds-users] info files on submitted packages

Joel J. Adamson adamsonj at email.unc.edu
Tue Aug 25 17:42:47 UTC 2009

> To deal with this there could be something like the following in
> doinst.sh:
> install-info /usr/info/$package.info $/usr/info/dir 2> /dev/null
> that adds the entry to the dir file. Most tools in SBo don't have
> multiple info files
> like it happens for example with a2ps in Slackware.

I have thought we should have this for a long time, and I include one in
the doinst.sh for my Emacs-CVS SlackBuild, but I've never had problems
with including new info files from SlackBuilds.  I have no explanation
for how the new entries get there, however ;)


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