[Slackbuilds-users] How to contribute ?

Eric Hameleers (SBo) alien at slackbuilds.org
Sat Jan 3 00:20:20 UTC 2009

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Xavier Maillard schreef:
> Hi,
> I have several slackbuilds I am currently maintaining for my own
> need. I'd like to know how I can contribute them to the
> slackbuilds.org website so that someone with more time than I
> have could adopt them.
> Additionnaly, what is the policy of SBo for the usage of the
> fakeroot program when constructing a package ?
> Regards
> Xavier

Hi Xavier

Essentially, maintaining a SlackBuild at http://slackbuilds.org (or a
series of them) should not take much time once it has been accepted
into the repository. It would be nice if you update a SlackBuild
script if the software it builds releases a new version but that is
not a requirement. Sometimes as maintainer you will get emails from
other users with patches and enhancements, and if these are valid it
would be appreciated if you added those in an update.

The only times that we (the admins) are really weeding old stuff out
is when Slackware releases a new version - maintainers who do not test
their submissions for the new release may see their entries absent
from the new repository. Note that old entries remain in the
repository for the previous versions of Slackware! We never _delete_
entries after we accepted them.

Now, if you have several SlackBuild scripts but are unable to maintain
them as SBo entries, you can (as you did) ask other people to take
over maintainership of these scripts. You could post a list of
applications for which you may want to contribute a SlackBuild. That
will certainly help.

About your other question - we do not accept SlackBuild scripts that
use fakeroot or other means to avoid being root while running the
SlackBuild script. Our policy is to have SlackBuilds that stay as
close to the official (Slackware) SlackBuild scripts as possible.

Looking forward to your list of scripts.

Cheers, Eric
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