[Slackbuilds-users] How to contribute ?

Xavier Maillard xma at gnu.org
Sat Jan 3 13:23:03 UTC 2009

Hi Eric,

[I slightly modified your answer to make it easier to read].

"Eric Hameleers (SBo)" <alien at slackbuilds.org> writes:

> Xavier Maillard schreef:

>> I have several slackbuilds I am currently maintaining for my own
>> need. I'd like to know how I can contribute them to the
>> slackbuilds.org website so that someone with more time than I
>> have could adopt them.
> Essentially, maintaining a SlackBuild at http://slackbuilds.org (or a
> series of them) should not take much time once it has been accepted
> into the repository. It would be nice if you update a SlackBuild
> script if the software it builds releases a new version but that is
> not a requirement. Sometimes as maintainer you will get emails from
> other users with patches and enhancements, and if these are valid it
> would be appreciated if you added those in an update.
> The only times that we (the admins) are really weeding old stuff out
> is when Slackware releases a new version - maintainers who do not test
> their submissions for the new release may see their entries absent
> from the new repository. Note that old entries remain in the
> repository for the previous versions of Slackware! We never _delete_
> entries after we accepted them.
> Now, if you have several SlackBuild scripts but are unable to maintain
> them as SBo entries, you can (as you did) ask other people to take
> over maintainership of these scripts. You could post a list of
> applications for which you may want to contribute a SlackBuild. That
> will certainly help.

Obviously, you are right. Slackbuild maintainance does not take
too much. But amongst the one I have written, there are
slackbuilds for software I no longer use and thus I am not
maintaining anymore. This is why I think people at SBo could take
over maintainership.

>> Additionnaly, what is the policy of SBo for the usage of the
>> fakeroot program when constructing a package ?

> About your other question - we do not accept SlackBuild scripts that
> use fakeroot or other means to avoid being root while running the
> SlackBuild script. Our policy is to have SlackBuilds that stay as
> close to the official (Slackware) SlackBuild scripts as possible.

While I understand your position to respect the official
slackware policy, I do not understand why we must be root to
build a slackbuild. Do you have lectures on that topic ? Maybe
there are good reasons not to use fakeroot at all which I am not
aware of.

> Looking forward to your list of scripts.

Here is my list (several of them are already on SBo):


I have other slackbuild scripts but the general quality for them
is rather low. My main interests are in emacs package and lisp
related stuff. I am still trying to think about how to "package"
them correctly.



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