[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.20.0 Released

Wade S Grant wade.grant at sqdnguns.com
Mon Jan 5 19:33:15 UTC 2009

Chess Griffin wrote:
> * Wade Grant <wade.grant at sqdnguns.com> [2009-01-01 13:16:03]:
>> I think that there may be a bug or a problem with the ksmoothdock pkg
>> in the repo when using the update tool. I by no means am any sort of
>> guru.......
> Wade, I just committed a fix to SVN.  It will be the next update.
> Thanks for the bug report!

Hi Chess,

Just found another possible bug or problem with a package.

When running the Updates option, I get the following:

     Installed version: sakura-2.3.2-i486-1
     Repo version: sakura-2.3.2-i486-1 1

Also an FYI, anytime I try to build a pkg that has the source on 
berlios.de, they time out and I have to fetch the source elsewhere.

Best Regards,
Wade S Grant
USMC, Retired

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