[Slackbuilds-users] fontforge.SlackBuild writes outside of $PKG

Thomas Morper thomditom at aktiivi.ath.cx
Mon Jan 19 00:39:42 UTC 2009

Am Sunday 18 January 2009 09:58:53 schrieb Robby Workman:

> Anyway, I'll look into this and try to get a fix in asap; at a glance,
> it looks like the --mandir usage plus DESTDIR target at make install
> should handle it.

I tried it that way (leaving "configure" as it is and using the common "make 
install DESTDIR=$PKG" without any other tweaks) and the result looks good to 
me. I checked with "make -n install ..." before and didn't notice any files 
being written where they weren't supposed to be.

> Thanks for the heads-up on this, Thomas.

You're welcome.


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